Micro setting

March 6 2012
 What is Micro setting ?The micro pave technique uses a large amount of very small Cubic zirconium or diamond stones and puts them in a setting in which they are very close together. Usually in a white metal, gold and silver jewelry, this gives a very glittering and eye catching effect to the jewelry. Cubic zirconium is a perfect stone to use in this type of jewelry because by using hundreds of tiny stones it is virtually impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference between these artificial stones and their much more valuable counterparts. This type of jewelry is so glamorous and beautiful that it can be worn with just about any outfit on any occasion
This type of jewelry has very popular recently because of its almost unbelievable ability to catch the light and reflected it in a dazzling and sparkling way. It takes a very highly skilled and talented craftsman to create this type of jewelry.  Once you see a piece of finally made micro pave jewelry, it is hard to imagine anything else as beautiful.
Micro pave setting has become very popular with costumer shopping for Band rings, wedding rings, Engagement and anniversary rings, Bangles, Pendants, and Earrings. The delicate and brilliant appearance that it creates is something never seen before in the jewelry industry
 What are pave rings?
A pave setting ring is gives the illusion of a solid stone surface, rather than a metal band with cz stones attached to it. This effect is achieved by a special kind of stone setting that uses only tiny prongs to hold each cz stone. This maximizes the surface area of visible cz stones, and minimizes the visible surface area of the metal band.
What are micro pave setting engagement rings?
 Micro pave setting engagement rings leave even less metal visible than a standard pave setting ring, because the tiny stones fit more closely together. And more intricate and delicate designs can be produced using the micro pave's tiny stones. Larger stones can not be arranged in as many different ways as larger numbers of small stones can. That flexibility in design allows for greater choice for consumers.


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